Andrew Bogut is really good

Today, the US Olympic team played Australia. The Aussies pushed Team USA to the final minute. Largely because of Andrew Bogut.

Team USA shot a dismal 35% from inside the arc. Coincidence that Bogut was prowling the paint? I think not.

Meanwhile, Australia shot an astonishing 63% inside the arc, mostly facing this year’s 1st Team All Defense center – DeAndre Jordan.

Bogut not only closes the paint on defense, he opens lanes on offense!

Now Bogut’s refusal to play offense in the NBA frustrated the Warriors FO, and me. The Warriors needed an offensive upgrade at center, and they found one in Zaza.

But mark my words – the Warriors will miss Bogut. Defense will get much harder. Opposing centers will roam free, on both ends. Watching Bogut set picks on one end, and Jordan on the other, was like night and day. Bogut blots out the sun.

I’m betting that Bogut reports to the Mavs with a chip on his shoulder (for being discarded). He will start taking it to the hole again. And the Mavs will surprise everyone by grabbing the 4th seed in the West.