The Warriors notched their 70th win tonight.

Only one other team in history won 70. That was the 95-96 Bulls, who went on to win 72.

If the Warriors win the last 3 games, they will beat the record. If they win 2 of 3, they tie.

Even if they lose-out, this will be historic. They will have the second-best single-season record for as long as the world goes on. Or something.

The point is… Now is a good time to pause and reflect on the historic greatness of this team. No team is great forever. The 00’s Pistons won just one championship, despite being in the East Finals 6 consecutive times.

This is what worries me.

Of course, I hope and expect that the Warriors will win the championship again this year. But after that… I dunno.

Every off-season, teams change. New guys are added via the draft or free agency. Previous brothers are discarded. It’s a brutal calculus.

The Warriors are a fragile snowflake. Yes, the transcendent talent of the first 6 players is a powerful factor. But what if you discard 2-3 of them? Are they really fungible parts? If Kevin Durant wants to join, we’ll find out.

If they stand pat, it’s not really better. Everyone will be a year older next year, and a year older the year after. There is an expiration for all players. For Andrew Bogut and Andre Igouadala, that date is near.

But look, I come here not to bury the Warriors, but to praise them! 70 is a great achievement. Let’s savor the flavor.