Hilarity in the NBA

This is the NBA silly season. Closing in on training camp, some GM’s try to pull a rabbit out of their hat. With predictable results.

Here’s what happened today:

1) The Lakers signed Meta World Peace. Kobe needed a seat buddy on the plane. No other reason makes sense.

2) The Cavs signed Austin Daye. Who is not now, nor will ever be, an NBA player.

3) The Warriors may sign Ben Gordon to a training camp make-good deal. Ben is such locker room poison that:

  • The Bulls let him leave without compensation.
  • Michael Jordon released him from the Hornets one day after he was eligible to re-sign with a playoff team.
  • Orlando signed him to a 2-year deal (team option). He put up good numbers in year one, but they still released him.
  • Despite being a career 40% 3-pt shooter, a make good deal is the best he can find.