Requiem for David Lee

David Lee is a Celtic now. Long live David Lee!

I have already written most of what I want to say about Lee. Suffice it to say: I am an admirer.

Tim Kawakami, whose reportage I treasure, was a harsh critic. He dunned Lee’s defense. But then again, TK argued long and loud in favor of Kevin Love, who cannot guard my grandmother. My take: Love is a better shooter. Lee is a better teammate.

As I argued earlier, you have to understand Lee in context. After losing Chris Webber, the Warriors went on a 20-year journey to replace him. They never really did. David Lee came closest.

Hey, Shaq calls him “the white Chris Webber (WCW)”!

Let me cut to the chase: David Lee is a very good basketball player. And, he brings seven million intangibles to the team. Don’t be shocked if Lee returns in 4 years as the Juwan Howard of the Warriors.

Part of why I loved David Lee is that I saw a lot of my own (limited) game in him. If only I were 5 inches taller, and could jump…

As a Lakers fan, I am contractually obligated to hate the Celtics. But next year, I will be rooting for David Lee.