How to rebuild, the Warriors way

We are watching a vast experiment in how to rebuild a struggling team. There are multiple philosophies. It is all quite fascinating.

Since the NBA is accused of being a copy-cat league, I thought I’d detail the Warriors rebuilding program. Other teams are free to follow along.


Move Example
Draft a transcendent talent Steph Curry
Lure an under-rated, sneaky-good veteran free agent, who is a great locker-room guy, by over-paying him David Lee
Draft a future borderline allstar Klay Thompson
Hire a coach that every guy in the league wants to play for Mark Jackson
Trade an over-rated player for a former allstar/defensive stalwart Andrew Bogut
Draft 3 future starters in one night Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, and Draymond Green
Make a surprise playoff appearance, and post-season run 2012-13
Let a noted free agent (and former allstar) beg onto the team Andre Igouadala
Enjoy the best record in two decades, go to the playoffs 2013-14
Replace your successful, popular coach with an even better coach Steve Kerr
Fall in Love with the Coco, Be championship! Mo Speights, Leandro Barbosa