DeAndre Jordan, free agent

After at least 5 meals with Chandler Parsons, DeAndre Jordon committed to the Mavs early in the NBA free agency quiet period. Done deal.

Or not! Two days before the quiet period ended, and official contracts could be signed, DeAndre went dark, then signed back with the Clippers.

Well then…

There are many issues to unpack. Here we go…

  • There is no legal problem. NBA players cannot enter into binding verbal agreements during the quiet period, because that was waived in the CBA. Let’s move on from that.
  • Is there a moral problem? Hmmm… The quiet period is part of the CBA. Eyes wide open. There was always the potential for this outcome. It hasn’t happened before, really, because there hasn’t been FA who a) wanted to return; and b) an owner/FO ready to pursue it this far. There have been other cases of broken promises. But this one is unique.OTOH, I have some sympathy for DeAndre. He is only 26. He had conflicted feelings. He changed his mind. Within the negotiated period for changing your mind. Not evil.
  • There is, of course, an agent issue. A client was promised to a team, and not delivered. The agent, in this case, is super-agent David Falk, who has cultivated a BFFL relationship with Mark Cuban. Way, way under the radar, these men are conspiring to make things right. It just won’t wash out this year.
  • Meet the new boss. The Clippers owner and FO, as usual, engaged in a dick move. The other 29 teams saw that. There will be blowback. Again, way, way under the radar.
  • I am inclined to agree with Chandler Parsons: DeAndre was not, really, read to reach for the brass ring. He took the safer, less challenging path.
  • Let’s assume that Doc and his pals promised to start featuring DeAndre offensively. How long can that last? Look, Doc needs to win games. When it is winning time, he can throw the ball to DeAndre, or to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Who would you choose?
  • The Clippers are still embarrassingly shallow. If they failed to reach the WCF because of depth last year, how are they better next year? Answer: they’re not! The Spurs got better, the Thunder will be better, the Warriors are intact. What makes DeAndre think that the Clippers can get to the next level?
  • I cackled in glee when DeAndre abandoned the Clippers. Should I cackle harder now that he is back? Before, the Clippers knew they didn’t have enough. Now, they will talk themselves into thinking that maybe, just maybe, they do. Go Warriors!
  • The 8-day quiet period is endless. After the Clippers dick-move, expect every team in the league (and every free agent) to treat verbal agreements for the sham that they are.  There will be reform in the stupid NBA free-agency system.