Igouadala as MVP

Andre Igouadala was named the Championship MVP, an unlikely, feel-good story that will surely be recalled for decades to come.

Since there is a little dispute about the selection, I will weigh in…

  • Iggy was the primary defender of LeBron (who had a ridiculously high usage). And he made him inefficient.  (BTW – Iggy, a renowned defender, gives up just 2 inches, 35 lbs, and 11 months to LeBron. The matchup is not as as mis-matched as you might think.)
  • Iggy was suddenly promoted to the starting lineup in game 4.
  • Iggy scored 25(!) in game 6. That sealed the deal. Curry also had a great game 6, but the Cavs surely didn’t game plan for Iggy’s points!
  • Underdog! Everyone loves those guys.
  • Curry already has a MVP. That counts for something, among the cigarette-smoking-men who pick the finals MVP.

Bottom line:

As Bill Simmons has noted,  the definition of a MVP is squishy, and the league likes it that way. I like the Igouadala pick.