Bob Myers – Executive of the Year

Bob Myers  is executive of the year, according to NBA media voters.

Here’s how I rationalize this:

Danny Ferry is on Double-Secret Probation. So you can’t vote for him.

The active, swing-for-the-fences GMs didn’t actually achieve much this year. Only one of Danny Ainge, Sam Presti, Ryan McDonough, and Donnie Nelson over-achieved this year: The Celtics shocked the world by making the playoffs. Everyone else flamed out.

Flip Saunders should win the award, for stealing Andrew Wiggins from Cleveland. His genius will not be acknowledged for several more years.

David Griffin can’t win for a) having Lebron fall into his lap; b) exploiting fire-sale deals from Denver and NY.

Similarly, Pat Riley can’t win for “discovering” Hassan Whiteside and blundering into Goran Dragic.

So that leaves… the GM of 67-game-winner-GSW: Bob Myers!

Make no mistake, the 67 wins loom huge. As the NBA hands out awards, the lack of recognition for the season-champ is embarrassing. If James Harden is announced as the MVP next week, how will the national media explain GSW?

So… Bob Myers. The thing is, from my perspective, no front-office I can recall has been less ego-centric. The Warriors are a true committee of voices: Lacob, Lacob, Schlenk, Myers, West, and Riley.

Let’s review the current, roster, shall we?

Bob Myers can claim full credit for exactly two guys: Shaun Livingston and Brandon Rush. Enough said.

Steph Curry was drafted by Larry Riley, under the thrall of Don Nelson, and while working for owner Chris Cohan.

David Lee was acquired by Larry Riley, during the ownership transition from Cohan to Lacob.

Klay Thompson was also a Larry Riley selection, now working for Joe Lacob et all. Most people credit Jerry West with that selection.

The Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut trade, was, ostensibly, another Larry Riley trade. Bob Myers would be named GM shortly thereafter.

Myers gets credit for Harrison Barnes, I suppose. Although that looks like a consensus decision.

Igouadala was a Myers acquisition. It cost two 1st-round picks to make that happen. Jury is still out…

Mark Jackson was hired on Riley’s watch. And fired on Myers’, as I wrote earlier, for reasons above Myers’ pay grade.

But Steve Kerr, technically, is a Bob Myers hire. Again, I’d call it it a consensus pick (or a Joe Lacob pick). But let’s give a dog a bone.

Maybe Larry Riley is the Executive of the Year?